Deer Processing

During the Fall of the year when the leaves change color and the days get cooler, this means only one thing at Cloud’s Meats, deer season!  Cloud’s Meats processes over 1500 deer per year for the hunters of the four state area.  We can process your deer in a clean and modern facility to insure the return of a wholesome finished product for you and your family.

We are proud to be a part of the Missouri Conservation Department’s “Share The Harvest”.
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Field Dress Weight

  • 121 lbs & Over (Includes Skinning) $1.00/lb

    Fat Added Charge - $0.09 x Field Dress Weight

  • 100-120 lbs (Includes Skinning) $110.00

    Fat Added Charge - $7.50

  • 60-99 Lbs (Includes Skinning) $100.00

    Fat Added Charge - $7.00

  • 59 lbs & Under (Includes Skinning) $90.00

    Fat Added Charge - $6.00

Jerky & Sausage


  • Cape for Head Mount $40.00

    Only during store hours

  • Field Dressing $45.00

    Only during store hours

  • Antler Removal $10

    Only during store hours

  • Hide Buy Back $7.50

    Only during store hours

  • Tenderizing -110lbs/$12 | 110lbs+/$15
  • Beef Trim Added $3.00/lb

    10lb minimum

  • Pork Trim Added $3.00/lb

    10lb minimum

  • Bacon Ends (When Available) $4.50

Walk in

Only during store hours. Prices for home processors.

  • Grind & Wrap $1.20/lb
  • Deboning $1.40/lb

Hunters special

Put your deer into product (summer sausage, snack sticks, and bratwursts). If you put your deer into product, then the standard processing fee is half price. Plus you can save your backstrap or up to 6lbs of burger and still get the processing fee discounted.