Featuring Locally Raised Retail Beef and Hogs

The purchase of a 1/2 beef or hog is an investment, but gives you the ability to fill your freezer with quality meat to use over a long period of time.  No more weekly trips to the store for meat, when you have a wide variety of steaks roasts and burger in your freezer.  Or with a hog, plenty of pork chops, roasts, sausage, ham, and bacon.   There are many advantages to purchasing your meat in this way.

  • A Third Generation Meat Processor

Over 50 years of processing experience will result in a properly and efficiently cut carcass to get the most out of your investment.  

  • Award Winning Smoked Meats

Cloud’s various smoked meats have won awards on the state and national level.  Our modern processing equipment allows us to create delicious and consistant hams, bacon, and a variety of smoked sausages from your hog.  Don’t forget summer sausage and snack sticks from your beef. 

  • Selecting And Processing Your Beef or Hog To Fit Your Family’s Needs

A custom processed beef and hog will be cut to your specifications, to meet your families special needs.  You will be in control of the size of the packages, thickness of steaks, and size of the roasts. 

  • Quality Animals From Reputable Growers

Cloud’s purchases livestock from growers that we have built a personal relationship with, throughout the years.  You can take comfort in the locally raised animals, from ethical producers.  Not to mention helping our local economy by supporting our neighbors.

  • State Inspected Facility

Food safety is first and foremost in the processing of your beef or pork.  Cloud’s is a Missouri State Inspected establishment under full time inspection.  You can rest assured that your beef or hog has been properly handled and sanitarally processed to insure it’s wholesomeness for your family. 


  • Beef Sold By The ½ or ¼
  • Hogs Sold By The Whole or ½