During the Fall of the year when the leafs change color and the days get cooler, this means only one thing at Cloud’s Meats, deer season!  Cloud’s Meats processes over 1500 deer per year for the hunters of the four state area.  We can process your deer in a clean and modern facility to insure the return of a wholesome finished product for you and your family.

Options for Cutting Your Deer

Fresh Meats

  • Steaks and roasts-boneless or bone-in
  • Burger-100% deer or a little beef fat added
  • Burger with 50% beef or pork added
  • Deer breakfast sausage-Medium sausage with 20% pork added
  • Smoked Sausages
  • Our smoked sausages are made using our award winning recipes.  These smoked sausages become more and more popular every year.
  • Deer summer sausage-our most popular item!  Smoked in a 1 ½ chub
  • Deer Cheese & Jalapeno Summer Sausage-the name says it all!  Just like the regular Summer Sausage with a kick of jalapeno.
  • Deer snack sticks-Easily our second favorite.  These sticks are great for snacking on the go, and are shelf stable requiring no refrigeration.
  • Deer Jerky
  • Deer Polish Sausage-A fully cooked smoked sausage that’s great on the grill.
  • Deer Cheese and Jalapeno Bratwurst-Another fully cooked sausage that you’ll love.  Make sure you order enough, because it’s a long time until the next deer season.

Ways we accept deer

Field dressed with hide-on

  1. Brought to us as fresh as possible
  2. No skinned or caped deer will be accepted
  3. We reserve the right to refuse deer that are gut-shot, excessively damaged, not fresh, sick, or previously injured.

Boneless trimmings

  1. Must be clean trimmings.
  2. We will refuse trimmings for:
    1. Excessive dirt and hair
    2. Bone fragments and bloodshot
    3. Floating in water
    4. Old trimmings from previous years seasons

Please Remember YOU are responsible for antlers, capes, and hides!

  • Cloud’s will have extended hours during the rifle portion of deer season, Call for hours.
  • A storage fee will be added if your deer is not picked-up on time.  Refrigeration and space is valuble this time of year.  If deer is not picked up on time, we must stop cutting and wait for space.
  • As in years past we will have your summer sausage and snack sticks ready with your fresh deer meat.
  • All other smoked products will be picked up later when we call.
  • We operate “first in first out” The lower numbers will be ready sooner, the higher numbers will be later.  WE WILL CALL WHEN READY!

After Hours Deer Cooler and Self Check-in

During Missouri deer firearms season.  Cloud’s staff will be checking in deer at the plant until around 7:00 PM.  If it’s slow, we go home, if it’s busy we stay around.  Hunters may self check-in after hours in our deer cooler located behind the plant.  Follow the signs and instructions.

Here’s what you need to do:

1.  Place deer in the cooler.  Drag the deer to the farthest point from the door possible and stack with other deer.  This leaves room for the next fellow.

2.  Tag your deer with your name, and phone number.

3.  Tag the antlers if you want the deer caped, or the antler saved.  (you are responsible for your antlers)

4.  Don’t forget to shut the door and call the plant the next morning with your cutting instructions.