For Years Cloud’s Meats has refined its smoked meats to produce some of the finest products in the country.  Many of our smoked meats have won state and national awards and these products are available to you.  By combining modern processing equipment and techniques, with good old fashion know-how and experience,  Cloud’s has created a taste that can’t be beat!


Video of Cloud’s Smoked Ribs

Smoked and Cured Meats Hickory smoked and cured ham A Brown sugar cure gives our ham a slightly sweet flavor that matches well with the salt cure in this traditional style ham.
Smoked Bacon Sliced just right with a nice smoke flavor. We take extra steps when making this bacon for a taste and texture you can’t find anywhere else.
Hillbilly bacon Just like our regular bacon, but made from the pork shoulder. This bacon is leaner and wider, with a slightly different flavor. Make the best BLT’s you’ve ever had!
Smoked Chops Hickory Smoked and Cured center cut pork chops are cured in the same process as our smoked hams.
Smoked Sausages Smoked bratwurst Our best selling sausage. Great Brat flavor for cookouts and tailgates!
Polish Sausage Similar to a kielbasa This sausage has a touch of garlic for an extra kick.
German Sausage A different variety of a bratwurst with extra black pepper
Andoullie Cajun Sausage This sausage is packed with flavor! Garlic, onion, and red pepper are just some of the spices you experience with this one.
Apple Bratwurst Real apples flavor this bratwurst with undertones of cinnamon and nutmeg. Great on a bun with mustard.
Smoked Italian Sausage Fennel seed, oregano, and other true Italian ingredients. Slice up and put on pizzas, or in spaghetti.
Cheese Bratwurst What else could make our best selling smoked sausage better…..CHEESE, and lots of it!
Cheese and Jalapeno Bratwurst Cheese Bratwurst with a kick! Jalapenos are added to fire-up one of our most popular selling sausages. Be the king of the grill with some of these!
Cheese “N” Bacon Bratwurst It is true, bacon makes everything better! So we put it in a Cheese Bratwurst. This is an Andy original!
Snacks and Jerkys Summer Sausage National award winner! Available in beef, buffalo, elk,
Beef Snack Sticks National award winner! Great for a quick snack anywhere. Availible in Original, Hot, and Honey BBQ. Kids love them!
Beef Jerky Old fashioned style jerky. Available in beef and buffalo.
BBQ A Cloud’s classic! Long smoked in our BBQ pit, then sliced thin with just the right amount of sweet BBQ sauce. Just heat and eat.
Pulled Pork Pork smoked for 14 hours in our pit, then pulled by hand. Finished off with BBQ Sauce with a touch of molasses.
BBQ Ribs Sweet and smokey ribs that fall off the bone! Ribs do not get any better than these!
Chopped Brisket Just like our sliced brisket but chopped with a little BBQ sauce. This brisket works great for sandwiches.
BBQ Chicken halves Our BBQ chickens are lightly cured and pit smoked for a tender juicy flavor.