FAQ (Submitted by customers)

How much meat do I need for my party?
You need to figure on ½ a pound of meat per person.  This will cover the women and children who won’t eat quite as much, and the men who take a little extra.  It’s a good idea to consider your group in your meat amounts.  For example a group of all men might need a little extra, or a women’s luncheon might not need as much.  If you are serving two types of meat ¼ pound per type of meat is adequate.  If you are serving three meats some problems may occur.  If you lower the amounts to less than ¼ pound per person it is likely you will run out of one type of meat, therefore it is recommended to maintain ¼ per meat.  Cloud’s Catering staff can also help you with your decisions.

How much on the sides?
Baked beans are our most popular side.  It is best to use 1/3 pound per person.  This is the same for any hot side item.  For cold sides like slaw and potato salad ¼ pound is adequate.

What is the best way to set up the serving line?
It’s best to start with the plates, utensils, and napkins.  Second are the sides, starting with the cold then hot.  Third, are the meats.  Finally, are the bread and condiments, because thay can be placed ontop of an already full plate.  This is the best set-up to maintain proper flow of people, expedite people through the serving line, and helps with proper portioning of items on the plate.


  1. If possible use both sides of the table for serving, and have plenty of utensils.  This, will double the speed of the line.
  2. Place the drinks and desserts on a separate table.  These items are your biggest bottle necks for serving.  People can quickly go through the meal line and go to a different area for dessert and drinks or may choose to come back later.
  3. Condiments can be done the same way.
  4. Have drinks premade and poured.  One person can handle this job and people can just grab and go.
  5. Save money by picking up cold and heating in your own oven.  That way you can heat at your own convenience.